FOLS Targetged Projects Areas

The following are specific areas of need that are difficult to properly fund through the regular school budget. FOLS strives to enhance these needs to their fullest potential to achieve the best possible holistic learning environment possible for the students of The Lighthouse School. Please feel free to contact us if you would like more information or have questions!

  • P.E. and PLAYGROUND EQUIPMENT UPGRADES - Our new school facility comes with old playground equipment. FOLS welcomes donations for everything from balls and jump ropes to new play structures!
  • NATURAL and RENEWABLE RESOURCES - Help the School and Students build their new garden and composting facility! Other areas of need include development of recycling programs, nature trail enhancements, and conservation projects for student learning.
  • MUSIC and the ARTS - The School finally has one of the things it was so desperately missing... STORAGE SPACE! Each individual specialty class (Art, Music, Spanish, Handwork, Drama, Culinary) now has their own dedicated space to house the materials and supplies that they need. If you have a passion for the arts, please donate to one or all of these integrated arts programs.
  • TECHNOLOGY - This is an ever-changing area of need that requires frequent equipment and supplementary updates.
  • MATERIALS, FEES, and LIBRARY - You can help a Lighthouse family that is in need by specifying your donation to be used for student class materials, field trip costs, and other miscellaneous fees that may arise throughout the school year. You can also donate to help enhance the School's library resources.
  • SCHOOL SAFETY AND SECURITY - The school is always interested in enhancing the health and safety of its students and staff. Improvements such as additional fencing, camera surveillance systems, rapid lock-down capability, and modern intercom and communication systems would aid with these goals.